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An App to Practice Speaking
a Foreign Language

Supported: English, French, Spanish and Russian

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Bottle - Language Exchange

Learn Spanish
Focus on Speaking, Not Writing

Record a 15-second message. Bottle will transcribe your spoken words into text and forward it to a native speaker for correcting.

Receive feedback about your pronunciation and choice of words.

Private and Convenient

Your message is only heard and seen by the user who corrects it. The Bottle app is akin to a private lesson without appointments. Wait time to receive corrections will vary.

Learn French App
Correct Others in Exchange

Correct messages from users trying to learn your native language in exchange for receiving corrections to your messages.

Useful Topics

Choose from topics you want to talk about or just speak your mind.

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Supported Languages

At this time, users learning Spanish, French or Russian are only allowed to teach English. If you are interested in other learning/teaching combinations, we can email you when they are supported.


Why this App


Learn on the Go

I created this app for students to speak and receive feedback at their convenience. Choose among a list of questions or record your thoughts throughout the day. Focus on topics that you care about, whether that's specific to your career or daily life.

Be creative, but stick to topics that would not be out of place in a classroom since the person correcting your message is a fellow app user.

Joon Fong



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